What LED Lights Are Best for Businesses?

Keeping costs low are a top concern when running a business. In today’s world, it’s also important to consider the environmental impact of your company. What if we told you we can help you manage both?


Lighten up your business budget with a transition to LED lighting. You’ll save a huge amount of energy and costs. You’ll also create a bright, productive environment within and outside of your walls.


There are ways to make LED lights work in any situation. Their versatility makes them the best choice for your company’s illumination needs. Check out the benefits of the different types we offer.

1.) Benefits of LED Lighting

Your business can benefit in many ways from using LED lighting technology. You’ll save energy, money, and find yourself replacing them less often. All of the available options we carry make them a perfect fit for any business.


LED lighting uses about 80 percent less electricity than incandescent lighting. They are also extremely efficient, providing the same or more brightness with far less power. When switched on, they instantly reach the desired brightness, eliminating the wait for full light like with traditional bulbs. 


The cost savings you’ll experience can be significant. Not only will the energy costs associated with powering the bulbs be reduced, but LED bulbs give off less heat keeping your facility cooler. LED bulbs also last much longer than halogen or incandescent bulbs. You’ll benefit from not having to purchase new lighting nearly as frequently. 


The technology of LED lighting is continually evolving and there are options out there to suit any company’s needs. Outdoor lighting and indoor bulbs give you the flexibility to use LED bulbs in all locations. From unique, vintage bulbs to attention-grabbing, colorful lights, you can find fun, creative ways to integrate LED lighting in your decor. 

2.) Parking Lot Lighting

Make your exterior areas safe and welcoming with bright, LED lighting. Efficient LED bulbs are great for filling a dark parking lot with light. They are a long-lasting alternative to traditional exterior lights as the bulbs last far longer. The LED light fixture maintains its quality and clarity while the traditional styles fade and yellow.


Consider how many hours your current parking lot lights are on. Replacing them with LED versions has the potential for significant energy savings. Your current light structures may even be able to be retrofitted with LED lighting. 


Work with our professionals to help you find the best light solution for the exterior of your business. We can help you devise a plan to perfectly illuminate your space. Plus, our bucket truck and electrical troubleshooting services take the guesswork out of maintaining your outdoor lighting.

3.) High Bay LED Lighting Fixtures

Our selection of high bay fixtures is great for illuminating large spaces. They are a perfect solution for lighting an open layout efficiently. High bay LED fixtures are able to produce a wide-spread, uniform light with minimal energy.


Warehouses, commercial buildings, and workout facilities can benefit from the features of these lights. They provide a crisp, broad pool of light for clear visibility. Well placed lights can even reduce eye strain.


Our team can help you determine the optimal height for the installation of your high bay lighting. We offer different sizes and wattage to create a solution for your unique needs and space. You can even opt for a model with Bluetooth speakers to integrate sound into your workspace.

4.) LED HID Bulbs

Lighting in a business

Replace your traditional High-Intensity Discharge, or HID, lamps with updated LED versions. You’ll notice significant cost and energy savings. They are also brighter and more efficient than HID bulbs.


Because of the way HID lights function, they have a warm-up period between switching on and reaching their full brightness. Switching to LEDs allows your lamp to reach it’s full potential immediately. LEDs also produce a more intense, concentrated light.


HID lights have a decent lifespan, from 2,000 to 3,000 hours. However, LED bulbs can last ten times that long. Care must be taken when changing HID bulbs because of the electrodes and vapors inside. On the other hand, LED bulbs are safe to change and need to be switched out far less frequently.

5.) Standard Light Bulbs

Our LED light bulbs are all Energy Star rated and have a lifespan twice as long as residential grade products. We offer a wide inventory with a variety of features and benefits. There is a perfect bulb for any space or need.


One of the greatest features of these LED bulbs is durability. They are far less breakable than traditional light bulbs.  They don’t have a fragile filament and some are even available in plastic casings, making them virtually unbreakable.


Bring some style to your workplace with the vintage look that is so trendy right now. Our Edison LED bulbs are an energy-efficient way to make a simple lamp or light fixture more stylish. We even have dimmable versions available to create the perfect ambiance in your lobby or office.

6.) Color Changing Bulbs

LED lights are available in a continuously growing number of colors. Use colored LED lights to create fun, visual effects in your space. You can even create the ideal color temperature for your employees and customers.


Full colored LED bulbs give you the ability to easily change the hue of your light. Setting your light to a cool white can boost productivity and focus during rigorous work periods. Changing the light to a warmer tone can lead to relaxation and more cooperative brainstorming sessions. Create a welcoming feel in your lobby space by using a neutral tone. 


Colored LED lights can also be installed under cabinets or above shelves for a unique, decorative impact. Use colors associated with your company’s logo for a stunning visual. You can also use LED lights to easily transition decor between seasons by simply switching the color.

7.) Smart Light Bulbs

Smart bulbs are an easy way to add efficiency to your workday. Plus, smart technology can add modern convenience to your business. We carry a variety of sizes and colors to fit your needs.


These bulbs can connect to the internet or a Bluetooth enabled device. You can use your voice or phone application to turn lights on and off. Some give you the ability to change the color or brightness by just saying a few words or touching a button. 


Smart bulbs can also provide an extra layer of security. Some have timer features to allow you to create the illusion that people are coming and going to deter thieves. Having the ability to light your space before entering is a great safety feature. 


Interior business lighting

LED lighting can make your business safer and more energy-efficient. It can provide indoor and outdoor light you can rely on. Plus, the bulbs are so long-lasting you won’t have to constantly have to think about maintenance and replacement.


We are just beginning to experience the possibilities of LED lighting. New, innovative features are being continually developed and improved. As LED lights evolve, the uses and functions will continue to grow.

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