5 Awesome Parking Lot Lighting Ideas For Your Property

When trying to find the perfect lighting for your parking lot there are a few factors to consider. The first one being cost. The cost of the light itself and then the cost of all the electricity that light is going to use over time.

The second factor is brightness. There is no reason to bother spending money on a light that is not going to illuminate your lot. A big reason for parking lot lighting in Austin Texas is to make people feel safe, dim lights in a dark parking lot do not accomplish that.

Finally, you need a light professional that can provide you with light that can withstand any kind of weather. A light that breaks in a storm is not going to help anyone park and is a waste of money. Here are five of the lights that meet these standards with a few extra perks to make them above the rest.

1. AntLux 150W LED Parking Lot Lights Shoebox Pole Light 5000K, 450W

This light is a great choice for many reasons. The most important being the amount of money and energy it saves you. The AntLux 150W can cut your electricity bills by seventy-five percent without sacrificing any of the light quality it promises.

The Antlux LED is probably the brightest choice you can make for your parking lot. With 18,600 lumens, this light can make your whole parking lot look like the sun is still out. It is an incredibly bright light to make sure your patrons feel safe and the cars parked in your lot are safe.

It is a light made for the outdoors so you can expect it to last through rough weather. Conveniently, it also fits on round or square poles making installation simple and universal. This light is absolutely something every person who has a parking lot should take a look at.

2.  EverWatt 150W Waterproof LED Outdoor Parking Lot Light with Photocell Sensor

If you are looking for an outdoor light that provides daylight brightness and can withstand harsh weather then look no further. Like all LED lights, this light saves you energy and money. It gives off 20,500 lumens which allow for fewer energy requirements.

The EverWatt 150W lasts for up to 150,000 hours. That means you will almost never have to change it. This light also can turn on and off automatically or manually, allowing you to control which hours you want the light to run.

Finally, this light is weatherproof. It is rated IPX67 which is the level most water-resistant smartphones and headphones are at. That makes this light a great, safe choice for any parking lot.

3. RuggedGrade 450W LED NextGen Parking Lot Light

The first thing to note about this light is that it is expensive. This is certainly not the cheapest light on this list or any other list. It is, however, and excellent light for your parking lot.

This light is also incredibly energy efficient. Requiring only 450 watts while giving you 60,000 lumens.  The RuggedGrade 450W is very low on energy consumption which could end up saving you the extra money you spent on the light itself.

The RuggedGrade 450W is a very lightweight light with long-lasting LEDs. It comes with all the accessories which make installation easy and cheap. It might be an expensive light but it is built to last and makes up for the price by saving you tons of energy.

4. STASUN LED Flood Light 300W 27000lm LED Outdoor Security Lights

This is probably the prettiest light on this list. If you want an aesthetically appealing light that provides the same incredible brightness as the other lights on this list then look no further. Since it is made with LED lights it is also energy efficient.

One of the coolest things about the STASUN LED is that it offers shadow-free lighting. This floodlight has three huge light panels that allow the entire area you need to be illuminated to be brightly lit without any dark areas. That is incredible for security purposes and just makes your parking lot look nicer.

This light comes with a PC lens that keeps your light from fogging up due to weather. It is built to last outside while giving off an incredible, unobstructed light. The STASUN LED is one of the best outdoor lights on the market without question.

5. LEONLITE Ultra Bright LED Parking Lot Light 150W

The LEONLITE is bright enough to be used in both stadiums and parking lots. It is not dimmable but it is certainly bright enough to make everything in your parking lot easily visible in any light. This light can be adjusted to hit any angel making your whole parking lot easy to illuminate.

One of the best things about this light is its heavy-duty design. It is weatherproof so that it can last outdoors in any kind of weather. It also has a sturdy aluminum outside that keeps the LEDs from overheating.

This light requires very few watts. It uses only 150W to give 18,000 lumens, that many lumens usually require about 450W. Overall, this is an excellent light for your parking lot that will remain bright as long as you need it to.

To Conclude

Finding the right outdoor light for your parking lot is harder than many people expect. There are a lot of things to consider and too many lights on the market to look at every single one. Luckily, it is easier to narrow down the necessities in a light.

Looking for lights that save you money usually means you are going to want an LED light. If you want a light that will last then you need to make sure it is weatherproof and not prone to overheating. Finally, the light needs to be bright enough to make your parking lot safer.

This list shows a few of the best parking lot lighting options on the market. Make sure that you look for lights with similar attributes if none of these lights are exactly right. All of this will help you find an awesome parking lot lighting fixture for your business.

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