Texas Supreme Court Complex

The Texas Supreme Court complex consists of 3 buildings nestled next to the Capitol building. While security going in and out of the buildings is tight and detailed, the common area and walkways between buildings for staff are open to the public at all times with several hundred visitors each day.

With Austin’s ever-growing transient population, sometimes those visitors don’t always have the best intentions. So, in January of 2019  when an assault happened at night, the Texas Facilities Commission knew they needed to illuminate the area away from the orange-colored High-Pressure Sodium lighting to something that would eliminate the shadows and restore a sense of security to the area.

However, as you all know, government budgets for maintenance can be super tight. So they sought out LED LYSI Lighting in Austin Texas for a solution that was reliable and simple, but also affordable.

Brentwood Christian School

The Backstory

Last Spring, we were contacted by the Brentwood Christian school regarding the auditorium lighting in for their theatre arts building. Though barely 10 years old, this area used high energy, but short life metal halide lamps. There were pockets of darkness sprinkled throughout the room where these lamps had burned out, some only after a couple of years of usage.

The Challenge

After bidding against other providers, LED LYSI Lighting in Round Rock Texas emerged as the winner with an almost 20% savings. The next step was the installation. Each fixture is set at least 20’ high, so we built four OSHA approved scaffold towers to be able to reach the fixtures and do the work safely. 

The Results… 

Overall, the bidding and planning of this project took four months, while the actual installation took one week. LED LYSI employed twelve contractors to complete the job and brought in several manufacturers to bid on the products. All the while providing a turnkey solution for the school administration.  

And that’s what LED LYSI strives to do: be diligent in discovering the best options for our clients in the background while making front-facing interactions as seamless and simple as possible. 

This was the most challenging project to date. But knowing that this small private school won’t have to worry about lighting for quite some time while saving thousands of dollars in upfront costs and energy usage, makes it the most rewarding one as well. 

Round Rock Executive Building

Nestled off the IH-35 highway between the busy intersections of Hester’s Crossing and FM 620 is the Round Rock Executive Building. This Class B multi-tenant office building is home to small and large businesses alike. 

The Backstory

In November of 2019, the building owners begin transitioning the facade of the common areas by providing an aesthetic facelift to each area. Having a lighting design in hand, they were referred to us by another client to assist with making their design a reality. We provided a financial layout of what it would take to implement their plan exactly as they envisioned, while also providing a side-by-side comparison of alternatives that would allow them to each the same results. In the end, they chose a blended version of the two that enabled them to save money upfront and at the completion of the project.

The Challenge

During a project, the number one concern for property stakeholders is to be minimally disruptive as possible to tenants. Retrofitting light fixtures means turning off the power, stirring up ceiling debris, and contractors coming and going. To appease everyone involved, we decided to begin and complete this project on a Friday evening and work into the next morning. We were able to accomplish this with no additional charges.

Results & Beyond

After the project was completed we had the owner go by providing any thoughts or special requests on work. There were a few minor tweaks but it’s our job to make sure client’s are satisfied before we leave. The results speak for themselves not only in the reviews but also because we’ve been entrusted with additional projects for this client since.

Retail Strip Malls

LED LYSI has repaired and updated exterior lighting for several retail strip malls in and around Austin, Texas.

Bratton Square in Wells Branch; Austin, Texas

With a nail salon, convenience store, and multiple restaurants including the famous Garbo’s Lobster, Bratton Square has been a bustling neighborhood shopping center for the past 30 years. However, that also meant the same lighting technology and fixtures for that length of time. So in the Summer of 2019, LED LYSI Lighting was commissioned to not only repair but do a full exterior lighting upgrade.

401 Whitestone in Cedar Park, Texas

From signs, poles, to wall packs; we’ve repaired or replaced every type of light at this location in Cedar Park. LED LYSI Lighting has improved the safety for night time workers by increasing the average brightness per foot 10 times in the bac parking lot area!

We improved the façade lighting by adding a refreshing uniform color to the building fixtures. And we made sure potential clients could easily identify businesses at night by repairing and replacing all of the lighting in their monument sign.

Georgetown, Texas

This small business office complex located South of Georgetown High School underwent a total lighting retrofit to their exterior buildings. This included new wall packs, new recessed lights and new area lights. As you can see from the image on the right, this location went from barely visible to being a beacon for nighttime foot travelers. We even provided wasp control services for the many that had made the recessed cans their nests

Domain Point 2

Everyone knows the Domain in Austin, Texas as a swanky destination for Tech companies, a bustling shopping experience, a just an overall cool place to hangout. But before there was this Domain, there was Domain Point 2. Nestled right in the corner of Mopac, Duval, Burnett Rd this multistory office building was the original multi tenant hub for this area.

Monument Sign

LED LYSI Sign lighting had the privilege of upgrading the Domain Point 2 monument sign from two fluorescent lamps to LED Sign Floods. We first had to repair the electrical ground connections which had been corroded. Then we installed new LED fixtures designed for signs and long life for years to come.

Garage Stairwells

As an office building with a call center, employees are constantly arriving and leaving in the dark. Therefore constant lighting is necessary for safety and Austin code compliance in the Domain Point 2 garages. The fixtures that were installed were the original fixtures. Many were not operable and most didn’t have the  emergency lighting capabilities required for parking garages.

LED LYSI retrofit services sprang into action by bringing the location up to code with new LED fixtures and coordinating with Austin Energy to make sure the property received a rebate check.

Old Town Square – Round Rock, Texas

Located at 1 Chisholm Trail Road, Old Town Square is a limestone commercial office building in Round Rock. If you’ve ever been stuck in traffic on I-35 between 79 and 620, (and I know you have) it’s on the Westside.

LED LYSI Lighting has worked closely with Don Quick Commercial Management on several buildings this year, and we were delighted when we got the opportunity to partner with Beltran Electric and upgrade the exterior Post Lamp Lighting from High-Pressure Sodium to LED Corn Lamps.

As you can see, the ambient effect of the new lighting increases security, improves nighttime aesthetics, and reduce maintenance costs for years to come.

Austin Graduate School of Theology

The Austin Graduate School of Theology (Austin Grad) in Austin, Texas has been providing high-quality education to aspiring ministers and clergy for over 100 years. In its’ current campus nestled at U.S. 183 and Lamar Blvd near I-35, it houses administrative and academic offices, classrooms, a student activity center, and a bookstore. With class schedules that accommodate the active lifestyles of its’ students; Austin Grad needed an exterior lighting solution that was bright enough to make students feel safe while having an affordable price point.

The Backstory

The current parking lot and downlight fixtures weren’t so current as they were the original ones from when the building was built in 1981. The fixtures still used metal halide lamps and value-grade LED bulbs. This meant that Austin Grad had to budget a yearly cost of purchasing bulbs, ballast, and then the time and labor of hiring an electrician. On top of that, the quotes that were received were priced inconsistently.

Enter LED LYSI Lighting

Step 1 “Listen & Explore”

The first thing we did was sit down with Dave Arthur, Vice President of Austin Grad, to listen and understand the issue. Through our samples program, we presented several options.  Then we drilled down from there and installed one of the choices for “real-world usage”. We feel this step is significant as it allows clients to view products in action and get feedback from stakeholders without any financial commitment.

Step 2 “Full Scope Proposal”

The next step was the proposal. Most companies just focus on the current project, but we went further by providing a full scope proposal and breakdown of what converting the entire complex to LED would look like and cost. Doing this allowed us to model the price of each project (parking lot, interior lighting, etc.) and provide “Austin Grad” with the knowledge needed to determine the best timing and products for their needs.

Step 3 “Educated Decision”

With a full property proposal in hand, Dave decided to move forward with walkway lighting, parking lot fixtures, and updated wall packs. Additionally, to make this a seamless experience we sent an RFP to our network of electricians and let them bid on installation for the project. We then presented the different installation packages and rates for Dave to choose from.

Step 4 “Post Inspection”

Once the upgrade was complete, we did a post-project inspection. Three months later we did another follow up with Dave to the school was still satisfied. We see our clients as long-term partners long after each transaction.