LEDVance LED12T8L48FG850AB T8 Tube Type A+B PK/25


T8 Replacements



Sylvania Dualescent LED T8 Tubes Type A+B are here!


40590 LED12T8L48FG850AB 


This Product is ideal for upgrading fluorescent fixtures to LED, which provides energy savings. DUALescent provides flexibility for the distributor and contractor with one lamp to satisfy either operation with ballast or directly on line voltage.


Benefits and Features


Utilizes either fluorescent ballast or operates directly on line voltage providing flexibility in installation — Lamps operate on shunted and non-shunted lampholders thereby reducing installation costs. — DLC listed allows for rebates in areas where applicable, saving on overall project cost — No polarity; can be installed in either direction, saving time (costs) in installation — Low wattage lamp providing for maximum energy savings — Operated as UL Type A, DUALescent is compatible with instant start and select programmed rapid start ballasts — When used as UL Type B, DUALescent can also be used to replace fluorescent T12 lamps — Suitable for use with tube guards — Suitable for dry and damp locations – not for use where directly exposed to water — For UL Type A: Compatible with the following Emergency Ballasts: IOTA: ISL-54, ISL-540 and I-160 — Up to 150 LPW — 3000K, 3500K, 4100K and 5000K color temperature — Non-dimmable — CRI 82 — Available beam angle: 220°; Light emitting angle: 320°
Electrical — 120-277Vac — Power Factor 90% — THD <20%
Rated Life — 50,000 hours (L70)
Warranty — 5-year


Installation —


When using DUALescent as UL Type B directly on line voltage, to conform to UL, you must affix the luminaire warning sticker, included in the packaging, to the fixture during installation. Should you install as UL Type A, please retain the luminaire warning stickers in a safe place for future use if planning to convert to UL Type B. — Please refer to the Installation manual included inside the packaging for more installation. — Best practice is to cap-off the remaining ballast wires should ballast be left in fixture after disconnecting.




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