Domain Point 2

Everyone knows the Domain in Austin, Texas as a swanky destination for Tech companies, a bustling shopping experience, a just an overall cool place to hangout. But before there was this Domain, there was Domain Point 2. Nestled right in the corner of Mopac, Duval, Burnett Rd this multistory office building was the original multi tenant hub for this area.

Monument Sign

LED LYSI Sign lighting had the privilege of upgrading the Domain Point 2 monument sign from two fluorescent lamps to LED Sign Floods. We first had to repair the electrical ground connections which had been corroded. Then we installed new LED fixtures designed for signs and long life for years to come.

Garage Stairwells

As an office building with a call center, employees are constantly arriving and leaving in the dark. Therefore constant lighting is necessary for safety and Austin code compliance in the Domain Point 2 garages. The fixtures that were installed were the original fixtures. Many were not operable and most didn’t have the  emergency lighting capabilities required for parking garages.

LED LYSI retrofit services sprang into action by bringing the location up to code with new LED fixtures and coordinating with Austin Energy to make sure the property received a rebate check.