Retail Strip Malls

LED LYSI has repaired and updated exterior lighting for several retail strip malls in and around Austin, Texas.

Bratton Square in Wells Branch; Austin, Texas

With a nail salon, convenience store, and multiple restaurants including the famous Garbo’s Lobster, Bratton Square has been a bustling neighborhood shopping center for the past 30 years. However, that also meant the same lighting technology and fixtures for that length of time. So in the Summer of 2019, LED LYSI Lighting was commissioned to not only repair but do a full exterior lighting upgrade.

401 Whitestone in Cedar Park, Texas

From signs, poles, to wall packs; we’ve repaired or replaced every type of light at this location in Cedar Park. LED LYSI Lighting has improved the safety for night time workers by increasing the average brightness per foot 10 times in the bac parking lot area!

We improved the façade lighting by adding a refreshing uniform color to the building fixtures. And we made sure potential clients could easily identify businesses at night by repairing and replacing all of the lighting in their monument sign.

Georgetown, Texas

This small business office complex located South of Georgetown High School underwent a total lighting retrofit to their exterior buildings. This included new wall packs, new recessed lights and new area lights. As you can see from the image on the right, this location went from barely visible to being a beacon for nighttime foot travelers. We even provided wasp control services for the many that had made the recessed cans their nests