Round Rock Executive Building

Nestled off the IH-35 highway between the busy intersections of Hester’s Crossing and FM 620 is the Round Rock Executive Building. This Class B multi-tenant office building is home to small and large businesses alike. 

The Backstory

In November of 2019, the building owners begin transitioning the facade of the common areas by providing an aesthetic facelift to each area. Having a lighting design in hand, they were referred to us by another client to assist with making their design a reality. We provided a financial layout of what it would take to implement their plan exactly as they envisioned, while also providing a side-by-side comparison of alternatives that would allow them to each the same results. In the end, they chose a blended version of the two that enabled them to save money upfront and at the completion of the project.

The Challenge

During a project, the number one concern for property stakeholders is to be minimally disruptive as possible to tenants. Retrofitting light fixtures means turning off the power, stirring up ceiling debris, and contractors coming and going. To appease everyone involved, we decided to begin and complete this project on a Friday evening and work into the next morning. We were able to accomplish this with no additional charges.

Results & Beyond

After the project was completed we had the owner go by providing any thoughts or special requests on work. There were a few minor tweaks but it’s our job to make sure client’s are satisfied before we leave. The results speak for themselves not only in the reviews but also because we’ve been entrusted with additional projects for this client since.