LED LYSI Lighting is proud to now offer UV-C high power light disinfection services to help fight the COVID-19 virus. Powered by PURO Lighting’s Ultraviolet Defense Technology; we offer affordable square foot pricing for sanitization for schools, office suites, and high traffic areas of any size in Austin, Texas. Below the 280-nanometer level and reducing to 100 nanometers is where UV-C exists. UV-C light has years of research in clinical settings proving its efficacy and safety for eliminating some of the most challenging pathogens in our everyday environments including MRSA, E. coli, influenza, and Covid 19.

How does it work?

UV-C light technology can be used to destroy viruses and germs. UV-C radiation effectively alters and forms duplicate bonds referred to as dimers, to the virus DNA and RNA strands at the molecular level in such a way that cells are altered to the point of being no longer reproduceable, thus no longer lethal.

What is the application process?

We safely administer appropriate dosage to your facility and utilize UV dosimeter cards showing the exact results of UV-C lighting against the Corona virus. We have flexible service times, and can even disinfect areas at night while your facility is unoccupied and without disruption to daily business operations. UV-C lighting is a  non-corrosive, chemical-free process that leaves no residue and requires no cleaning.

How it helps tenants and clients.

Your guests want to know that  you are doing everything possible to keep them safe! UV-C lighting can provide a safe facility, minimize liability, and boost confidence even with a single application. For additional information on UV-C regarding the safe, contact LED LYSI Lighting Services. We have case studies that prove Ultraviolet technology has been used for over 10 years as a resource for disinfecting surfaces.

We can provide a safe and effective UV-C lighting system treatment to meet your needs by applying the UV-C dosage to effectively disinfect requested spaces only or disinfect your entire facility.

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