We’ll admit it. LED Lighting isn’t the most interesting topic to discuss, especially here in Texas where football and brisket rule the day. It’s probably right there with a stapler as far as exciting conversations go. But after learning the technical jargon and understanding how light can be manipulated to improve the quality of life in our homes, schools, offices, and hospitals; we get excited when discussing it. So from then to now, we have been involved with the changes in lighting from Compact Fluorescent to LED. and now Solar. This ever-evolving technology is one reason why we decided to branch out and start LED LYSI.


The other reason we started this company, (and the most important) is because we wanted to provide affordable lighting to the masses. As we wrote above, we’ve been in the commercial lighting industry for over 10 years and saw how many times customers didn’t get the best deal or option simply because they didn’t know to ask. Because like we’ve already established, lighting is kind of boring. Usually we don’t worry about changing a bulb until something goes wrong. So we primarily focus on the small business owners, homeowners, contractors, and facility managers that quite frankly, have enough on their plates to have to worry about if a product is a good one or not. At LED LYSI, our value proposition is by providing excellent pricing and service right out of the gate!


We’ve only been around a short time, but through this approach, we’ve been able to count schools, colleges, and government buildings as clients. We’re small no doubt, but we’re honest and we work extremely hard for your business. If you have any questions please reach out!