Brentwood Christian School

The Backstory

Last Spring, we were contacted by the Brentwood Christian school regarding the auditorium lighting in for their theatre arts building. Though barely 10 years old, this area used high energy, but short life metal halide lamps. There were pockets of darkness sprinkled throughout the room where these lamps had burned out, some only after a couple of years of usage.

The Challenge

After bidding against other providers, LED LYSI Lighting in Round Rock Texas emerged as the winner with an almost 20% savings. The next step was the installation. Each fixture is set at least 20’ high, so we built four OSHA approved scaffold towers to be able to reach the fixtures and do the work safely. 

The Results… 

Overall, the bidding and planning of this project took four months, while the actual installation took one week. LED LYSI employed twelve contractors to complete the job and brought in several manufacturers to bid on the products. All the while providing a turnkey solution for the school administration.  

And that’s what LED LYSI strives to do: be diligent in discovering the best options for our clients in the background while making front-facing interactions as seamless and simple as possible. 

This was the most challenging project to date. But knowing that this small private school won’t have to worry about lighting for quite some time while saving thousands of dollars in upfront costs and energy usage, makes it the most rewarding one as well.