Austin Graduate School of Theology

The Austin Graduate School of Theology (Austin Grad) in Austin, Texas has been providing high-quality education to aspiring ministers and clergy for over 100 years. In its’ current campus nestled at U.S. 183 and Lamar Blvd near I-35, it houses administrative and academic offices, classrooms, a student activity center, and a bookstore. With class schedules that accommodate the active lifestyles of its’ students; Austin Grad needed an exterior lighting solution that was bright enough to make students feel safe while having an affordable price point.

The Backstory

The current parking lot and downlight fixtures weren’t so current as they were the original ones from when the building was built in 1981. The fixtures still used metal halide lamps and value-grade LED bulbs. This meant that Austin Grad had to budget a yearly cost of purchasing bulbs, ballast, and then the time and labor of hiring an electrician. On top of that, the quotes that were received were priced inconsistently.

Enter LED LYSI Lighting

Step 1 “Listen & Explore”

The first thing we did was sit down with Dave Arthur, Vice President of Austin Grad, to listen and understand the issue. Through our samples program, we presented several options.  Then we drilled down from there and installed one of the choices for “real-world usage”. We feel this step is significant as it allows clients to view products in action and get feedback from stakeholders without any financial commitment.

Step 2 “Full Scope Proposal”

The next step was the proposal. Most companies just focus on the current project, but we went further by providing a full scope proposal and breakdown of what converting the entire complex to LED would look like and cost. Doing this allowed us to model the price of each project (parking lot, interior lighting, etc.) and provide “Austin Grad” with the knowledge needed to determine the best timing and products for their needs.

Step 3 “Educated Decision”

With a full property proposal in hand, Dave decided to move forward with walkway lighting, parking lot fixtures, and updated wall packs. Additionally, to make this a seamless experience we sent an RFP to our network of electricians and let them bid on installation for the project. We then presented the different installation packages and rates for Dave to choose from.

Step 4 “Post Inspection”

Once the upgrade was complete, we did a post-project inspection. Three months later we did another follow up with Dave to the school was still satisfied. We see our clients as long-term partners long after each transaction.